Collection: YOU ARE GOLD

I painted this series with the intention of all people, but especially women/ gender nonconforming people to be able to see their true, inherent worth. We have always known gold for it's shine and resiliency. It has been worn for centuries by royalty and used to bring abundance into the lives of many. 


Through this series of paintings, I hope you are reminded that the same qualities of gold that we cherish in the world exist right inside of you. 

You have a heart that beats in rhythm so that you can enjoy the sunshine and taste the fruit of mother nature. You have a mind so vast and curious, so creative and so unique. You are rooted in green, loved in pink, and shine like gold. I hope that whenever you look at these pieces and notice their beauty, their small flaws and overlapping details, you can look at yourself the same way. 

🤍 Allie 

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