art is everything is art

found it in silence

this series is an homage to myself

I surrendered to the process and the words found me

between ripped pages and black lines, 

shining floral displays and unsure pieces of my mind. 

this time, I let the emotions take hold without any expectation

 I could've kept running past them like I had for years before

but I knew what stood behind that door 

so I stopped 

and listened to the echoes coming from the depths of me 

in my own silence, I found that I was free 


♥ allie


"... I created these pieces in celebration of the inner peace I've found as I've begun to listen to myself more. The quietness of being alone has become one of my favorite sounds. I no longer run from my fears, but rather befriend them. I sit gently with the light and dark and I am no longer afraid..."

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