Authentically Allie

art is everything is art

celebrating beauty in all forms

I love to showcase the absolute beauty of every curve, line, and ridge that decorates the female form. Imperfections are the spark that makes art beautiful. I hope through my work, you can learn to love yourself and your imperfections too.

all natural

the way trees form and the earth moves, that glory lives inside of you too. my hope is to open our eyes to the magesty around us and in us

better together

anything you can think can be yours. I love to create pieces that speak to people, to their hearts, to their situations, and to their joy. if you have an idea in mind, share it with me and we can create something special for you or for someone you love dearly.

Commission Your Own

Want something you can't find anywhere else? Tell me. Together we can make something completely unique that's perfect for your friends, family, or maybe just for own personal enjoyment. (Don't worry.. I won't tell ;)


Allie makes art that makes me want to celebrate being a woman. I feel powerful everytime I look at the painting on my wall."

My daughter LOVED the print I gave her for her 16th! Always feels good to support a female artist.

I commisioned a print and Allie went above and beyond what I ever imagined. The perfect personalised gift for my maid of honor.