meet the artist

I'm Allie, a Cincinnati-based artist and writer. As an artist, I am driven by the pursuit of authenticity in all that I do. My work is a reflection of my experiences, my struggles, and my triumphs. I focus on radical self-love and intentional healing through creating. I strive to create pieces that are true to my own unique perspective, while also resonating with others on a deep and personal level.

My artistic practice is deeply rooted in the belief that we all have a story to tell, and that those stories are worth sharing. Through my art, I seek to create a space for vulnerability, self-reflection, and growth. I believe that art has the power to heal, to inspire, and to connect us to each other in profound ways.

I am inspired by the world around me, from the beauty of nature to the complexities of human emotion. My work often explores themes of feminine identity, lessons from mother nature, and the search for meaning in a rapidly changing world. I am constantly experimenting with new mediums and techniques, pushing myself to expand my creative boundaries and explore new forms of expression without reservation. 

At the heart of my artistic practice is a commitment to authenticity. I believe that by being true to ourselves and our experiences, we can create work that is both meaningful and impactful. I hope that my art inspires others to embrace their own unique perspectives, to tell their own stories, and to find beauty and meaning in the world around them.


Here’s to living authentically,