About Me

I’m Allie and I’m an artist.

For awhile that would’ve been hard for me to say. I’ve never been trained or formally taught. I always shied always from art in school because I never wanted it to be something I disliked. It was that important to me.

I never dreamed I could truly be an artist. It always seemed to unrealistic or shamed, yet in the back of my mind it was always there. I started out coloring, then scrapbooking, then photography, then writing, and sometimes all of those things at once. I started art journaling in college, with no intention to ever show anyone my work. While living in South Africa as a Peace Corps volunteer, it became clear to me how essential art is to my being. And so, I began to share with family and friends and grew the confidence to realize, this dream can come true.

Authentically Allie is an expression of my purest form. I want this art and this space to feel welcoming, interesting, warm, and special. I love people so much— I wanted to share that with them too. To me, life is about connection and about love, and art is the best representation of that.

Art helps me to see the beauty in every moment, pause to take in a scene, smell, taste, or sound. It helps me to appreciate the abundance around me. It helps me organize my thoughts and feelings. In art, I can express freely. I hope that when you view my art, it helps you pause, think, express, and hopefully, helps you on your own journey too.


xx    Allie